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A Guide to The FEDIP Forum

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

This FAQ includes:

Who Is Eligible to Join?

We are delighted to invite all registered members of FEDIP, as well registered clinicians who are a member of the Faculty Of Clinical Informatics to join the forum.

If you are a registered professional, you can request access here.

What Is The Forum?

The forum is designed as a space where regulated professionals can share information, best practices, ways of working and also collaborate on shaping the informatics profession for the future.

What Should I Do First?

Update Your Profile

You can update your profile with some information about yourself and change your profile picture.

How To Update Your Profile

  1. Go to the forum

2. Click the downward arrow beside your name and select "profile" from the dropdown menu

3. You can click the circle above your name to upload your photo.

If you want to change your display name (or update your account details) you can click the three small buttons to edit.

Introduce Yourself

When you join the forum, please do introduce yourself to the community and tell us a little bit about yourself. We hope to have professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds and career paths sharing their journeys.

Start a Topic

Are you working on something you want to share? Need some help from fellow registered professionals? Or just interested in others opinions?

Just choose from one of the topics below and start up or join in a conversation.

Don't see the category you want? Let us know. We want to build a forum that best supports you and we hope to grow it collaborative by using your feedback.

Don't Miss A Thing


Please do add us to your whitelist or primary inbox so you don't miss out on any notifications (and our monthly newsletter!).

How To Adjust Your Notifications (for more or less!)

  1. Head over to the forum via the FEDIP website

2. Click on the downward arrow next to your profile name

3. Select profile from the dropdown menu

4. Select settings from the menu on the left

5. Choose your settings

You can adjust the number of email notifications you receive from us. We don't want to be flooding your inbox with notifications, so you can choose the handy daily or weekly digest options at the top to keep you up to date.

You can also make sure you get notified when some replies to your comment as well.


We are slowly building the FEDIP forum carefully and slowly, to make sure it is a useful space for everyone.

It will be a great resource to build networks of people with interests in particular subjects and technologies.

We hope you will be one of our pioneering members and leaders in the space.

If you have any questions about the forum, or would like to write for us, please do get in contact either via the website or email us directly at


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