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Winding up of FCI and Acquisition by BCS

We’re sad to note the winding up of the FCI, which has played such an important role in supporting clinicians and advancing the profession.

In 2021, FCI joined FEDIP, allowing a broader integration of clinical informatics professionals from various branches within the UK health and care informatics sector. Over the past two years, significant achievements have been made through close collaboration. However, recent months have presented challenges for FCI, leading to the decision to wind down its operations.

We are saddened by the news of FCI's winding up, recognising its integral role in our federation. Despite this, we are pleased to announce that FCI members have voted to transfer membership to the Chartered Institute of IT (BCS). This strategic decision aligns with BCS's dedication to fostering innovation in clinical informatics and ensuring continued support for professionals.

“When it became clear that the FCI would have to close, the decision to transfer its membership to BCS was a welcome one. It allows for a more vibrant and diverse membership and closer collaboration between the clinical community and the rest of the profession. This is a real opportunity to develop a community which fully embraces the clinicians who are working to develop clinical practice to take advantages of digital technology and analytics”

- Andrew Griffiths, CEO of FEDIP

"We believe that our charitable mission for professionalism and its wider impact on society is a strong match for the FCI, which will enable the FCI’s mission and membership to flourish. FCI can provide tremendous value to BCS by strengthening the clinical voice, and a combined response will carry more weight on key policy and professional issues in health and care informatics. Core FCI professional activities and standards, including the Core Competency Framework, SIGs, and an Annual Scientific Conference will continue to be supported. At the same time, there is an opportunity to be part of a broader community within BCS and in collaboration with FEDIP to tackle the big issues across the digital landscape."

- BCS, The Chartered Institue for IT


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