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What is Clinical Coding?

Thank you to all those who attended the joint FEDIP webinar, this month presented by Lauren Saxton from IHRIM.

If you missed it, not to worry, please have a read through of the transcript and all the information presented below. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with Lauren or her colleagues at IHRIM for further information on clinical coding.

An Introduction to Clinical Coding

The session is aimed at those wanting to learn more about Clinical Coding and colleagues who work with data that is derived from Clinical coding, it is also aimed at Clinicians whose documentation impacts code assignment and also Coding colleagues who may be looking for some engagement ideas.​

This session was created by Lauren Saxton, Director of Comms for IHRIM. Lauren also works full time for the NHS at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust as a Clinical Information Assurance Lead. Lauren is a qualified Clinical Coder and Coding Team Leader.​

Lauren has worked for the NHS for 15 years - 12 years of Clinical Coding experience and 3 years of Clerical/Receptionist experience prior to joining Coding.​

You can download the full set of slides here.