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[Webinar] Managing Records and Information for People with Gender-Diverse Experiences 

Updated: Apr 24

As part of our joint webinar series with each of our Professional Bodies, FEDIP and IHRIM are delighted to invite you to a webinar dedicated to addressing the unique challenges and pioneering solutions in managing health and care records for people with gender-diverse experiences. 

With a special emphasis on inclusivity, gender identity, and the integration of AI in healthcare, this event is essential for those committed to making healthcare more accessible and understanding for all. 


Key Highlights

Addressing Record Management Challenges for Gender-Diverse Individuals: Explore the specific issues related to the management of health records for people with gender-diverse experiences and for personnel records of those working in healthcare. Understand the complexities in screening, diagnostics, and medication within our current systems and how these can be navigated more effectively. 

Innovating for Inclusive Health and Social Care Systems: Engage with a thorough analysis of current health and social care processes and uncover what needs to change to embrace and support the unique needs of communities. 

The Road to Inclusive Care: Gain insights into the practical steps and strategies needed to transform health and social care systems into inclusive environments, leveraging technology and effective management practices. 


Featuring Special Guest Speaker: Kavya Kartik, Visiting Senior Researcher (Gender & AI) from the Ada Lovelace Institute


Kavya will share invaluable insights on: 

Community Consultation as a Foundation for Inclusive Services: Understand the importance of directly involving people with gender-diverse experiences in the design of health services and systems to ensure they meet their specific needs. 

Experiences and Challenges For people with Gender-Diverse experiences: Hear about the diverse experiences of these communities, the challenges they face in accessing appropriate healthcare, and how we can address these issues. 

From the Field: GPs and the Lived Experience Workshop: Learn from real-world examples and the outcomes of workshops aimed at understanding and improving the healthcare journey for people with gender diverse experiences. 

Chair and Speaker: Kim Bellis

This webinar is jointly held with our Professional Body member IHRIM, with Kim Bellis, FEDIP Leading Practitioner, speaking on behalf of IHRIM.

After a 42-year career in the NHS, Kim has extensive experience in records management and data quality. She held a senior managerial role in an acute Trust for 16 years.

Kim's contributions include a secondment to the Department of Health and over 30 years with IHRIM, including 13 years as Chairman, earning her the prestigious Royle Mansell Award for exceptional service. Currently, as Director without Portfolio at IHRIM, Kim continues to advocate for professionalism



Save Your Place

Date and Time: Wednesday 17 April 12.00 to 13.00 

Location: Online 




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