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CPD Guidance

As part of our mission to support you on your professional journey, we hope you will use our CPD platform as a space where can record your learning and development.  

You can begin your CPD journey at any time and set your journal period to start and end on dates of your choosing. The FEDIP recommendation to our Professional Bodies is that practitioners should log a minimum of 10 hours of CPD.  

We hope having a central platform to log your CPD is useful. Your CPD can be downloaded into a csv format at any time, or zip file including all uploaded evidence and moved to another platform should you need to do so.  

CPD Dashboard

Your CPD 

To reflect the requirements of all the professional bodies, there are several options you can choose to document your CPD. You can upload documents, write descriptions of activities or complete reflective statements on your learning.  

Whilst you may obtain your CPD hours through one form of activity alone, we do recommend trying to spread your CPD learning through the various activity categories where possible. The CPD platform will log your hours for each development activity and let you know how many hours you have accrued.  

There is no limit to the number of activities you can submit.  

The CPD record  


The CPD record allows you to create a record of your professional development journey and show the progress you have made. You can take your time filling in your CPD and each activity can be marked as ‘not started’, ‘in progress’ and ‘submitted’.  

The progress wheel at the top of the page will display your progress.  


How To Record CPD  

CPD Hours Earned on the platform


Accredited CPD learning resources on the platform will automatically log your CPD hours into the platform's CPD record. The platform will automatically populate the CPD record with the description of the learning, hours spent and the date you completed the learning. 

This entry will be saved in draft. Please add a title and description of the activity and when you are ready you can save the entry, which will be then marked as completed. 

External CPD Resources  


Navigate to the FEDIP Hub (“”) and choose “My CPD” 

From this page, you can choose “Add Entry” which will take you to the page where can update your activity details.  

Add CPD Record

The form will ask you to complete the following: 

  • Activity Title 

  • Activity Category (select from dropdown list) 

  • Activity Type (select from dropdown list) 

  • Description  

  • Date Activity Completed  

  • Time Taken  

Optionally you can also complete a reflective statement and add a web link in the form of a URL to link to the CPD activity. If you would like to upload any supporting documentation you can do through the “evidence” button.  

Once you have finished adding the details, please click the “submit” button. There is a tick box to save as “draft” if you would like to save and come back later. If you are ready to submit, please untick the “draft: box and press submit. You will be asked for confirmation and once submitted you will see the record updated to “submitted”.  

What can I submit as CPD activity?  

The Activity Categories are broken down into a sub-set of Activity Types, the options for which you can choose from the set of drop-down menus. The Categories and the corresponding Activities are as follows:  

Practice Based Learning  


  • On the job training 

  • Shadowing  

  • Secondment  

  • Coaching/Mentoring 

  • Projects outside scope of role  


Professional Activity  


  • Being mentored  

  • Delivering seminars/presentations  

  • Professional committees/panels  

  • Writing/authoring  

  • Lecturing/teaching (outside of usual role)  

  • Job promotion  

  • Reading professional journals  

  • Professional Networking (in person and online eg via online professional forums) 


Formal Leaning  


  • Qualification  

  • FEDIP endorsed programmes  

  • Professional body endorsed programmes  

  • (CPD accredited) E-learning (assessed)  

  • E-learning (non-assessed)  

  • (CPD accredited) Attending seminar/presentation  

  • (CPD accredited) Attending conferences 


Self-Directed Learning  


  • General reading  

  • Research  

  • Informal networking (social media, blogging) 



Activities that fall outside the above but may still be considered for CPD may be submitted as “other” and reviewed by the assessor. 


Reflective Statements 

There is an option to also include a reflective statement as part of your CPD log if you wish. You may find this helpful in completing your CPD requirements for your specific Professional Body.  

Reflective statements can help you reflect the outcome of your learning, rather than simply documenting the input or content of the activity. You may find this particularly useful as part of your application to higher levels of FEDIP practitioners


What makes a good statement?


Some elements of a good reflective statement might include:  

  • How it relates personally to you and your situation  

  • How the learning relates to your current work or will help you prepare for a future role 

  • Describes the content and method of learning  

  • Documents how your knowledge and skills have been developed as a result of this activity  

  • How you might implement these new skills in the future  

  • Is an average of 300-400 words 

Poor statements might include the following:  


  • A statement that is mostly or wholly descriptive of the learning content only  

  • Had no application or link to your current or future role 

  • Does not explain how the learning has improved your current skills or knowledge 

  • Does not link to health informatics competencies  

A Map of Your Progress 

In your My CPD record, you can select previous CPD periods from the dropdown menu. Here you can look back through your previous CPD periods and reflect on all the past work you have achieved.  

Frequently Asked Questions  


Q. Is there a fee to register on to the CPD programme?  


A. No, the CPD programme is a free benefit to all FEDIP registrants 


Q. Must I complete CPD in a certain time period? 


A. Currently, in order to accommodate all the professional bodies, practitioners can select their own period for which they wish to record CPD. However, we do recommend a minimum of 10 hours of CPD to be completed within 12 months. It is helpful to record your CPD activities throughout the year.    


If you have any questions that have not been answered above, please contact us at and we would be happy to give you any advice needed to help you on your continuing professional journey.  


Q. Is there a minimum amount of CPD I must complete? 

FEDIP asks its Professional Bodies to ensure that members complete at least 10 hours of CPD per year. CPD requirements vary across the Professional Bodies and your Professional Body may require more than 10 hours. Please do check your body’s individual requirements.  

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