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The Nationwide FEDIP Consultation Results: A Summary

"Becoming The Profession"

The Consultation

As you may know, from May through to June this year we ran a consultation on the future of the informatics profession in collaboration with the NHS in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The future challenges of modern health and care need to be met with the widespread adoption of digital technologies and techniques. We know that creating a transformational shift in the digital and informatics infrastructure has never been more critical.

To that end, the Federation for Informatics Professionals wants to enable those who work in this area to demonstrate that they meet the professional standards required and are committed to maintaining and developing the standards of the profession.

The consultation has helped us to learn more about those working in informatics in Health and Care, their current roles, the current support available for informatics professionals, their views on Professional Bodies and what professionals would like to see in the future.

A full report of our findings will be available next month, but for now we wanted to share some of our initial findings from the consultation.

A Summary of Outcomes

We have identified 6 broad themes, which we have been working with the professional bodies to address.