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New courses added to FEDIP Hub (Sept)

FEDIP is delighted to announce that we have collaborated with the University of Edinburgh to add three new Byte Size learning courses to the FEDIP Hub.

The courses were created from materials from the Usher Institute’s Data Science for Health and Social Care Masters course. On completion of each course, learners will be awarded a CPD certification for learning hours associated with the course.

The three courses comprise the following titles:

  • An Introduction to Health Data Analytics and R

  • Introduction to Data Visualisation

  • Data Ethics for Health and Social Care

An Introduction to Health Data Analytics and R

In this learning, we will discuss what we mean by Health Data Analytics and then introduce you to a practical way you can begin to work with health data analytics by using one of the most widely used programming languages in the world of data science: R

R can be used across a wide range of health data applications from AI to bioinformatics to administration and epidemiology.

Introduction to Data Visualisation

With the volume of data increasing exponentially those working in health and social care can no longer rely on presenting information solely using tables and spreadsheets. Studying data visualisation will allow you to better communicate and share important information by taking your data and telling effective stories about what that data really means.

In this byte size learning, we will focus on visualisation interaction design, exploring what interaction design is and how we can implement it in a range of scenarios.

Data Ethics for Health and Social Care

Data is playing a growing role in the delivery of health, social and care services. Numerous new data initiatives, data-driven strategies, and national agendas are constantly emerging.

However, alongside benefits, the use of data can also carry a multitude of risks, including risks of causing different harms to individuals, communities, and society.

Data ethics raises fundamental questions, including, for example, those relating to fairness, justice, and accountability.

In this module, we will start to think about ethics itself. We will be introducing you to ethics and how you can engage with ethical approaches. We will also talk about how to begin thinking about health and social care data in the context of ethics.


The courses are available through the FEDIP Hub, which is open to all health and care informatics professionals.

The FEDIP Hub is a learning environment with a large catalogue of resources to help support the continuous professional development of health and care informatics professionals.

FEDIP is offering a six-month free trial to non-registered professionals so that they might explore what the Hub has to offer from CPD-accredited resources and CPD recording tools to events and the FEDIP forum. You can read more and access the Hub here.

To learn more about FEDIP and how you can start your journey to professional registration, please download our brochure here for more information.


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