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Welcome to the FEDIP Hub: A Tour

We are delighted to be launching the FEDIP Hub on the 30th of June 2022. We are opening access to all health and care informatics professionals to explore the Hub and test out the new CPD recording features and forum.

Want to get a first look at the Hub? You can take a tour through the Hub in the video below, which will show you the main features of the Hub.

What is the Hub?

The learning Hub signals the next big step for FEDIP and is a key part of our Charter commitment to support practitioners on their professional development journey.

What can I use the Hub for?

A Catalogue of Learning Resources

The FEDIP Hub is a learning management system where you can access our online catalogue of learning materials and CPD-accredited content. The Hub will also signpost you to recommended resources from across the Profession.

An online CPD record

The Hub also has an online CPD record which will automatically record all of the CPD that you have undertaken on the platform and will create an online record of what learning you have completed and how many CPD hours you have accrued.

You can also update the record manually with any learning you have undertaken outside the platform - so you can create a record of all your CPD learning in one place.

Need to submit your CPD somewhere else? No problem, you can download the whole of your CPD record into a CSV sheet anytime.

Online Forum

You can also access the new FEDIP forum on the Hub, with a single log-in for the Hub and forum. The forum is accessible to FEDIP practitioners and registered FCI members. We hope it will provide a space for inter-disciplinary learning and the sharing of up-to-date ways of working.

How can I access the Hub?

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