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Exploring Career Paths for NHS Admin Roles: Webinar

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Showcasing Admin Roles in the NHS

Celebrating World Admin Day

To celebrate World Admin Day we were delighted to partner with IHRIM to present a webinar exploring Admin Roles within the NHS.

In the presentation we cover a number of roles, exploring the entry requirements, skills and characteristics required, training & development, and career development pathways.

The following roles will be covered:

  • clerk

  • health records staff

  • receptionist

  • secretary/typist

  • medical secretary/personal assistant

  • telephonist/switchboard operator

Presenting is Lauren Saxton, an Accredited Clinical Coder with over 10 years NHS experience (+ Contract Clinical Coding experience.) Lauren is currently the Clinical Coding Team Leader at Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust & Director Of Communications for IHRIM (Institute of Health Records and Information Management).

IHRIM is one of the six professional bodies members of the Federation for Informatics Professionals, and we are delighted to be collaborating with IHRIM on this webinar in support of World Admin Day.


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