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CHIME UK joins the Federation for Informatics Professionals in Health and Care 

Updated: Mar 12


London(UK) 12 March 2024.  


The College of Healthcare Information Management Professionals (CHIME) will join five other Professional Bodies working in the UK health sector as a member of the Federation for Informatics Professionals in Health and Care (FEDIP).  

Effective from 1 April 2024, UK members of CHIME can apply to join the Federation’s public register of informatics professionals in health and care who use data and technology to support health and care delivery. 

Joining the Federation underlines CHIME’s commitment to supporting leaders across the health and care professions to develop their skills and capabilities in digital health and to be recognised for their professionalism in this area.

FEDIP CEO Andrew Griffiths and CHIME CEO and President Russ Branzell shaking hands
FEDIP CEO Andrew Griffiths and CHIME CEO and President Russ Branzell

CEO and President Russ Branzell said: “Digital health leaders have a critical role to play in productive and sustainable health and care services fit for the 21st Century. The use of data and technology to deliver safe, effective and high quality care is a professional skill set and deserves recognition. At CHIME, we provide professional education for digital health leaders and recognise excellence through our accreditation progammes. Joining the five existing Professional Bodies in FEDIP allows our UK members to measure their skills against the FEDIP’s standards and be publicly recognised for their commitment to digital health. "


Vice President International, Jane Dwelly said: “I am excited by the opportunities that joining FEDIP will bring to CHIME’s UK members and the recognition of their skills, capabilities and fitness to practice that professional registration entails. In return, I know CHIME will bring a sharp focus on health informatics leadership to discussions within FEDIP and provide a route for all digital health leaders to join the FEDIP register.” 

CEO of FEDIP, Andrew Griffiths said: "We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to CHIME as they join the Federation for Informatics Professionals in Health and Care. CHIME's inclusion significantly bolsters our ability to fulfil our charter pledges, particularly in expanding international networks and enhancing professional education programs. Together we hope to continue to further elevate the standards of digital health and leadership and the wider health and care informatics profession. "



What is CHIME International?

CHIME is a professional membership organisation for digital health leaders. It was formed in 1992 in the US to support the emerging cohort of Chief Information Officers working in healthcare organisations. Since then it has grown to more than 5000 members internationally across 52 countries and plays a central role in the professionalisation of digital health leadership.

 CHIME International ( supports digital health leaders across the professions working outside North America. We offer:

 1. A global network

 2. Professional education programmes taught online and in-person

 3. Access to CHIME’s international accreditation programmes

We are here for all digital health professionals. Join CHIME International to access resources, news, and media to support your leadership development. This is your space to plan the next stage of your professional development through CHIME’s education programmes and our accreditation certifications.

About FEDIP 

FEDIP's mission is to represent all Health and Care Informatics Professionals and help them to achieve professionalisation through professional registration and the unification of the various Health and Care Informatics communities of interest through partnership and collaboration. 

FEDIP is creating a professional framework of unified standards or taxonomy, including role definitions, to assure employees, employers and the Informatics workforce. The FEDIP standards enable all applicants to the professional register to be assessed against a common set of guidelines and criteria. The standard was written in consultation with the UK's awarding professional bodies and leading informaticians.  

FEDIP is the only public register for all informatics professionals in the UK dedicated to bringing individuals and organisations together to deliver better healthcare through technology. 



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