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The Next Step for Health and Care Informatics: the new FEDIP Charter

At this year‘s Rewired the Year of the Digital Profession has been launched. As part of our commitment to the year, we are delighted to announce the next step in the development of FEDIP: the launch of the FEDIP Charter.

The Charter solidifies the plans to create a formally recognised and supported profession for all health and care informatics practitioners.

The Charter

The Charter sets out the following:

  1. We will promote recognition of the skills and capabilities of the professions that make up the informatics workforce, and of the benefits that they deliver to health and care.

  2. We will demonstrate our commitment to success through diversity by supporting broad and inclusive pathways into the health and care informatics profession by working with the professional bodies and with employers.

  3. We will promote personal commitment to continuing professional development (CPD) and ensure that CPD is recognised and valued by employers, advocating for increased investment in professional development opportunities and recognition.

  4. We will together accredit educational programmes for health and care informaticians across the professional bodies within FEDIP.

  5. We will support informaticians to extend their skills through their career pathway, ensuring provision of forward-looking training and development opportunities.

  6. We will work with employers to advocate the need for accessible and flexible pathways for progression.

  7. We will promote the value of FEDIP registration as an indicator of skills, capabilities and fitness to practice.

The Federation for Informatics Professionals in Health and Care (FEDIP) has launched the FEDIP Charter, which affirms plans to further professionalize the health and care informatics profession and support practitioners in their continued commitment to development.

The Charter is based on the feedback received from practitioners during the nationwide consultation conducted by FEDIP in collaboration with NHS in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The health and care informatics community provided a wealth of feedback and data which has allowed FEDIP to gain a deeper understanding about the current landscape of the profession.

The consultation report provided excellent insights into the current issues that health and care informatics professionals are facing and their thoughts on the future of the profession. The full text can be read here. From this consultation, four main issues were identified as being most important to health and care informatics professionals:

  • Career Guidance and Help

  • Networking and Community Opportunities

  • Continuous Professional Development Support

  • Simplifying the Landscape

To address these issues, the FEDIP Charter was formed to show the organization’s commitment to the profession and give a broad roadmap of FEDIP’s priorities for the future.