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Leading Practitioner


FEDIP Leading Practitioners are leaders in encouraging and inspiring the health and care informatics community to better develop the profession, and, ultimately, to maintain the highest possible standards for the safety of the public. 

Leading Practitioners sit at the highest level of professional registration under the FEDIP standards. They must evidence autonomy within broad parameters, authority over all aspects of significant work with a full range of leadership skills.


They possess an in-depth understanding of the industry and implications of emerging technologies on the wider business environment. 

To become a Leading Practitioner, you must submit evidence to support the competencies as required by the FEDIP Standards for informatics professionals in health and care. 

To learn more about Leading Practitioners and FEDIP, please click below to access our full brochure. 

What are the standards for Leading Practitioner?

The Standards

All applications across all grades are assessed against the FEDIP 'standard'. These are a common set of guidelines and criteria that all informaticians can be assessed against.

The standard was written in consultation with the awarding professional bodies, UKCHIP and leading informaticians across the UK.

To achieve Leading Practitioner status, practitioners must evidence that they exercise autonomy within broad parameters and have authority over all aspects of a significant area of work. They are involved in the formulation and application of both policy and strategy.


Leading Practitioners address complex, nonroutine organisational problems and have a full range of strategic leadership and management skills. They show an in-depth understanding of the industry and implications of emerging technologies on the wider business environment.

Professional registration

Get entered onto the health and care informatics professional register 

professional credentials

​Display your credentials through postnominal letters and digital badge certification

join the

Get invited to join a registered professionals only forum 

Does that sound like you?

Have you applied to become a Leading Practitioner yet? Become professionally registered to evidence your level of competence, knowledge and experience in the field of health informatics. 

Gain postnominal letters and display your digital badge to show your knowledge, experience and commitment. 

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Learn More About Leading Practitioners

Want to learn more about the Leading Practitioner pathway? We talked to Lisa Emery, CIO at the Royal Marsden and one of our Leading Practitioners.


Lisa had some great insights on myths in the industry, advice she wishes she had been given and her opinion on what will have the biggest impact on health within the next five years. 

Want to get the process started?

Fill in your details and we will email you further details about your professional body's process and help you get your registration started. 

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