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What is CHIME International?

CHIME is a professional membership organisation for digital health leaders. It was formed in 1992 in the US to support the emerging cohort of Chief Information Officers working in healthcare organisations. Since then it has grown to more than 5000 members internationally across 52 countries, and plays a central role in the professionalisation of digital health leadership.


 CHIME International ( supports digital health leaders across the professions working outside North America. We offer:

 1. A global network

 2. Professional education programmes taught online and in-person

 3. Access to CHIME’s international accreditation programmes


We are here for all digital health professionals. Join CHIME International to access resources, news, and media to support your leadership development. This is your space to plan the next stage of your professional development through CHIME’s education programmes and our accreditation certifications.

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